Seminar "Solutions for fostering technological innovation for businesses"

Tuesday, 23/07/2019 21:01 GMT+7
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Implementing the regular functional task "Supporting the development of science and technology integration", on July 2nd, 2019 in Hanoi, the Center for Vietnam Science and Technology Internationalization promotion (VISTIP) organized Seminar "Solutions for fostering technological innovation for businesses".

Mr. Bui Quy Long - Director of VISTIP with his opening speech at the Seminar (photo: VISTIP)


In the current context, technology development is the key to business success. However, Vietnamese enterprises are now facing to difficulties in technology innovation. The speakers and delegates participating in the seminar discussed and analyzed the situation of technological innovation in enterprises and proposed some feasible solutions.

According to the results of survey on innovation of 8,000 enterprises in manufacturing and processing industry in the period of 2014-2016 by the National Agency for Science and Technology Information shown that the number of Vietnamese enterprises have innovation activities of about 61.63%. However, the levels of production innovation are still largely at the enterprise scale, very few products are created to reach new levels of the market. The method of implementing the process innovation of enterprises has just stopped at investing in purchasing software, equipments and machineries. More importantly, the innovation activities of enterprises are closed with the rate of investment capital for innovation from equity capital is quite high, while the level of cooperation with R&D Institutions is low. . This situation in Vietnam is different from France, where innovation is carried out through close cooperation between businesses and institutes and universities. Enterprises do not necessarily have internal research and development (R&D) departments but they have the high rates of technology innovation.


Dr Ho Ngoc Luat with his presentation at the Seminar (photo: VISTIP)


This picture on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are even more gloomy. The survey results of the Ministry of Industry and Trade have been shown that: 79% of SMEs have not prepared for the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, 55% of SMEs are still studying and researching; 19% have developed plans, and only 12% are implementing response measures.

Regarding the solutions, the seminar also proposed some solutions for institutional governances, policies and business environment ; digital infrastructure solutions and digital economy as well as solutions for developing skillful and high quality human resources;  solutions for cooperation and international integration on technology transfer and innovation, which emphasize to the governances and policy solutions aim to propose the eliminations of major barriers and enforcement the policies in order to play a prerequisite for technological innovation in businesses also.

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