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Saturday, 26/10/2019 14:17 GMT+7
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Following the success of previous Industrial Forums, on October 24, 2019, Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST)helded "VKIST - The 3rd Industrial Forum", with topic: "IoT in SMEs: Opportunity and Challenge". This is also the first time the Forum has been organized in Ho Chi Minh City.

Attending the Forum, there were former Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan - Chairman of Vietnam Automation Association; Mr. Ly Hoang Tung, Deputy Director, Department of High Technology, MOST; Mr. KumDongwha, President of VKIST; Mr. Pham Xuan Da, Director of National Agency in Southern Region, MOST; with representatives of IoT Associations and Enterprises in the southern region.

Overview of VKIST - 3rd Industry Forum.


The first presentation at the forum, Mr. Luong Ngoc Tuan, representative of VSYS, shared an open operating system for IoT devices, where the programming language has been implemented in many languages and intuitive visualizationvia the virtual assistant system. The programming has also been simplified to improve the efficiency in the processes as well as the business of each industry.

Mr. Luong Ngoc Tuan - Representative of VSYS.

VSYS also brought to the forum two devices: a voice-controlled coffee machine (many different languages), an intelligent reflexology machine based on each person's health index to provide reflexology most suitable. In particular, the two-device programmers are not programmers, but experts in that field.

Mr. Trieu HiepLoc, Hardware Director of Homa Techs shared about the hardware platform for IoT field, practical experience in allocating financial resources for the hardware system of the enterprise.

Mr. Trieu Hiep Loc - Hardware Director of Homa Techs.

Ms. Le Thi Hong Loan, Director of Hanmyviet Company shared a specific example in running IoT in the process of producing aluminum industry. Ms. Loan said, there are many challenges in the implementation process, including the challenges of human resources for system operation, redundancy in the application of IoT in industrial production processes.

Also at the forum, Mr. Nguyen VinhLoc, Chairman of Daviteq, shared about industrial IoT solutions to increase efficiency in production plants through very specific platforms and applications. Obviously, the determination to implement and apply IoT in SMEs is being drastically implemented by businesses with the goal of becoming competitive in the global value chain.

After each presentation, there was a lively discussion between the speaker and representatives of businesses. With the straightforward spirit, the two sides presented challenges for enterprises, which are also problems for state management agencies. VKIST will be an effective solution to solve these problems with enterprises.

Mr. Ly Hoang Tung, Deputy Director of High Technology Department, Ministry of Science and Technology.

Mr. Pham Xuan Da, Director of Southern Task Force, Ministry of Science and Technology.


Mr. KumDongwha, President of Vietnam - Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

At the end of the forum, Former Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan, President of Automation Association Vietnam summarized the important contents of the forum and gave some suggestions to enterprises, regulatory agencies and especially activity of VKIST, aiming to join hands in solving challenges and sharing opportunities with the business community in the field of IoT.

Industrial forum held in Ho Chi Minh City is hoped to create a wide spread to the business community in the region. VKIST will continue to be a bridge between businesses and provide the best technology solutions to the industrial technology market.


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Source: Vietnam - Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST)

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