Improve the quality of production and use of unburnt bricks

Friday, 25/01/2019 17:54 GMT+7
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On the afternoon of January 21 in Hanoi, the Steering Committee of the Project "Enhancing production and use of unburnt bricks in Vietnam" took place, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Pham Cong Tac, The Head of the Project Steering Committee attended and directed the meeting.

Participants also included Mrs. Akiko Fujii, Deputy Chief Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Vietnam; Director of Department of Science and Technology of economic and technical branches Nguyen Dinh Hau; representatives of the Ministry of Construction and representatives of relevant agencies.

Deputy Minister Pham Cong Tac addressed the meeting


The meeting aimed at assessing the project implementation results until the end of 2018 and directing the implementation of the project plan in 2019. At the meeting, the Project Management Board reported outstanding results of the four components of the Project. In recent years, such as: completing the legal framework, policies, standards and regulations to promote the production and use of unburnt building materials (building materials), contributing to the promulgation of 02 Decrees, 02 Circular and 03 TCVNs; training program to improve technical capacity for groups of subjects to manage, produce and use unburnt bricks, ...

Also at the meeting, delegates heard the specialized reports on mechanisms and policies; solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of investment in unburnt bricks production; improve heat treatment technology capacity in manufacturing unburnt bricks; improve production efficiency and energy efficiency of autoclaved aerated concrete brick factory; and recommendations to continue to support and improve the capacity of using unburnt brick products, especially design, appraisal and construction contractors.

Ms. Akiko Fujii acknowledged and congratulated the achievements of the Steering Committee, Project Management Board in operating and organizing the implementation of the project with typical results in all components of the Project; Appreciate and express gratitude to all the partners of the Project, including the participation of the province and the private sector. At the same time, he expressed his commitment to continue to support the Steering Committee and the Management Board in the implementation of the project.

Addressing at the meeting, Deputy Minister Pham Cong Tac highly appreciated the contributions of the Steering Committee members in project management, the results and efforts of the Project Management Board members during the time. Last time, especially the outstanding results from 04 components of the Project. The work plan set out in 2019 is huge, The Deputy Minister proposed the Project Management Board to continue to focus all resources to successfully implement the project, focusing on communication activities, training human resources, perfecting mechanisms and policies, ... and presenting expressed his desire to continue receiving the support of Akiko Fujii as well as UNDP in the future.

Deputy Minister Pham Cong Tac and Mrs. Akiko Fujii took photo with the delegates

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