Discussion on Technology Valuation between Vietnam Center for Science and Technology Evaluation and Korea’s Technology Research and Development Company

Tuesday, 18/10/2016 09:49 GMT+7
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In the morning of October 12, 2016, in Hanoi PhD Tran Hau Ngoc, Director of Vietnam Center for Science and Technology Evaluation (VISTEC) – Ministry of Science and Technology had a working session with the delegation from Korea’s Technology Research...

In the working session, the two parties exchanged about implementation results of cooperation tasks between VISTEC and ATWOM over the past time and plan to carry out tasks and improve the technology evaluation system for the coming time. PhD Tran Hau Ngoc informed the Korean party of the research progress, establishment and transfer of the Korean technology assessment and valuation system to VISTEC on the basis of using current experience applied in Korea and the real situation in Vietnam. At the same time, VISTEC has selected 3 technologies under fields of biology technology, mechanic engineering and energy and prepared for the valuation in ATWOM’s system. ATWOM provided the valuation frame and criteria system to calculate relevant parameters in identifying technology values and at the same time exchanged and shared ATWOM’s experience in technology valuation. The two parties agreed on the time to organize the valuation expert council for valuation of the selected technologies.

Mr. Han Ki-beom thanked Director Tran Hau Ngoc for sharing information and expressed his pleasure for coming to Vietnam and working with Vietnam Center for Science and Technology Evaluation. The two parties committed to continue their efforts and efficient cooperation towards the development and improvement of technology valuation for the commercialization of results of technology research and transfer in Vietnam.

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